If you are an international customer, customs duty and taxes may be charged prior to delivery. These charges may be estimated by going to www.simplyduty.com and entering your order information. Use HS Code 920994 and Incoterm "CIF." 

By law, we are required to declare the full invoice value. Please do not ask us to declare a lower value or as anything other than "merchandise", as to do so is illegal.

Yes, we are aware that some sellers will gladly declare a lower invoice value to capture your business. Just because they do it doesn't mean it's okay. Unfortunately, there is little enforcement, so these sellers continue to operate with impunity.

If you've ever wondered why our products are so expensive when purchased through your local supplier, this is why: your local dealers must pay duty and taxes on imported products, and these costs are added into the price you see.

We understand if you feel this is not fair, but this is how many governments have chosen to generate revenue or incentive local production. We don't necessarily agree with this, but it is the law.