ILLUMINE has 50 User Presets. Any number of these may be accessed using the footswitch. By default, 9 are chosen to showcase the capabilities of the pedal.

To change which presets are accessed by the footswitch, first select the preset of interest:

  • Turn the top knob counter-clockwise to the User Preset screen
  • Turn the bottom knob to select the User Preset 

Then, add/remove this preset from the footswitch recall list as follows:

  • Turn the top knob to the "Footswitch" screen
  • Using the bottom knob, select "Recalls Preset" or "Skips Preset"
  • To save this change, press the bottom knob to enter the Save Preset menu, select Yes, then press the bottom knob again to confirm

Presets are recalled in numerical order. If you want presets to be recalled in a different order, then move the presets so that they are in numerical order using the "Save to (preset #)" option in the Save Preset menu. See the User Guide for more details.